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Privacy Policy | Hand in Hand

Hand In Hand Professionals Limited here after referred to as ‘Hand in Hand’ will conduct all business within the spirit of the Data Protection Act, but are happy to enter into a written confidentiality agreements if required.

Below is an extract from our typical agreement, and one which we fully comply with, however, if you would like a formal written agreement please email your request to including your full name and address.

1. All information of whatsoever nature, including data belonging to the Client, or their clients, shall be processed in accordance with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act and in the strictest confidence. We will not disclose any information, to any person other than Hand in Hand’s own directors, or employees, as are directly involved with the processing of the data, save as required by law. If, in order to offer the service, data is to be disclosed to a third party then written permission from the client will be sought.

Hand in Hand shall procure that each person to whom such a disclosure is made complies with the terms of this undertaking as if that person had also given it.

2. The phrase “Information” shall not include any of the following:-

(a) information lawfully in the possession of Hand in Hand or that of their advisers prior to its disclosure by the Client;

(b) information in the public domain prior to its disclosure by the Client;

(c) information which comes into the public domain after its disclosure by the Client
(other than by reason of action of the Client or their advisers);

(d) information which is also disclosed to Hand in Hand by a third party who is not legally precluded from disclosing the same to us.

3. Hand in Hand shall not, nor procure that their own employees, or professional advisers, to take, or make copies of any of the Information, or authorise any other person so to do, other than for the purpose of processing data according to the specifications agreed. At any time, the Client may require Hand in Hand to forthwith return all copies of the Confidential Information within our possession or control, or if in an electronic format, to delete from all working, live and archive systems. Data will only be retained if required for contractual reasons or by law.

4. Information will not be used by Hand in Hand or their Professional Advisors for any purpose other than that supplied. It will not be sold, or supplied to any third party (except when outsourced to a Sub Contractor, in which event a confidentiality agreement between Hand in Hand and the Sub Contractor would be in force on the same basis as this agreement). Furthermore client’s data will not be sold or leased, licensed or given to any third party for inclusion in any third party mailing list.

5. The obligations of confidentiality in the Agreement shall continue indefinitely.

6.This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales

Trainers and Trainees

7. Where we are required to obtain information such as dates of birth, addresses, names and proof of identification, such information will be stored in a secure system and will not be divulged to any third party save required by law.

8. Should the data subject at any time wish to be informed of the details of such information held by Hand in Hand a ‘subject access request’ can be made by sending the request for access, in writing providing proof of identification and full postal address is supplied.

Hand in Hand will NOT give out any information to any party if not satisfied that such information is being sought by the person to whom the information concerns. Information will only be given to the data subject in a written hard copy format by post, and a reasonable fee and timescale will be applied according to the current guidelines issued by the Information Commissioners Office.